Etiquette & Guidelines

Arrive at least 10 minutes early to park, check in and set up your space. The door to the studio should be open 20 minutes before class.

Please remove shoes upon entering the lobby.

Silence is golden. Please silence cell phones during class.

It is recommended to bring your own mat and towel. Mats and towels are available to borrow if you forget yours.

Inform your teacher about any restrictions, health concerns or pregnancy.

Hydrate before class. Even if the class is not heated it is recommended you drink plenty of fluids to replace any lost during class. Electrolytes are recommended after any heated class. Although water is available in the studio, we suggest you bring your own refillable bottle (less plastic in the trash!).

Please refrain from applying any strong fragrances or oils right before class.

Wear comfortable clothing! 100% cotton is not recommended for heated classes. Plan to practice in bare feet as wearing socks may cause you to slip.

Staying until the end of class is recommended (savasana is the most important pose!). Inform the teacher if you do need to leave early and please exit quietly to avoid disruption to other students.

Appointments for massage services may be happening in the studio before, during and after classes. A sign will be posted to let students know before and after class if a session is taking place. Please respect the quiet space during this time.

New students need to complete a registration form. Download and fill out our liability form now and bring it with you to your first class.*

*If you are under 18 years of age a parent or guardian must sign your Zenergy Liability Waiver. Regular classes are designed for adult instruction. It is not recommended to bring children under 13 years of age.